Geoffrey's Story

G. was 8 years old when the rebels came to his village.  He remembers that many of the older people got away, but his uncle was very weak and could not run.  G. remembers the rebels taking his uncle and cutting him up while still alive in front of G.  First they cut off his toes, then his feet, his legs, his fingers, hands and then arms.  They he saw them cut off his head.   He also remembers many babies being put in sacks or in a mortar and being smashed against trees or killed (pounded) in the mortar.

He was captured with other children and taken into the bush.  He remembers being tied together with others.  He remembers them capturing girls and killing some of them.  Another man was killed because he was weak.  (They loaded him down with a heavy sack of sugar and had to lead three goats as well.  Then he fell because it was too much for him.  They hit him with a panga to make him stand but he was too weak.  So they burned this man alive.

He remembers coming to a river and having to cross by using a rope.  Many children were swept away.  He would have been swept away but someone put him on his back and carried him across.  He saw many killings while he was in the bush and he was made to kill at least 4 children.

After a year of being in the bush, there came a day when they were sent to run after a man who was trying to escape.  The children were to follow him and kill this person...  As they ran, the man got away.  All of a sudden, G. realized he was alone and he began to crawl on his stomach through the bush and then got up and ran.  He came to a tree and climbed the tree.  There he noticed that there were 3 troops of rebel soldiers approaching.  They saw him in the tree – they shot at him, but the bullet didn’t hurt him.  As he got down they realized he was “one of them” and took him with them.  Soon after this they were in an ambush and G., with the other children were put at the front of the line (because children are killed first.)  The children started pursuing someone and again, G. found himself alone.  This time he begin to crawl away and came to another tree that he climbed.  This time he recognized the area where the tree was and knew this time he would be able to find his way “home.”  He eventually came to a house where there had been a lot of killing, but he knew the area.  He finally arrived “home.”

He knows that God was with him, even though he didn’t know God yet.  He was eventually taken to Golgotha Orphanage and was there for a year and then was brought to Otino-Waa.  He is now 13 years old.