App Icon A “Q” is our rewards program. And there's lots of ways you can earn your “Q's”.

The more you collect, the bigger your discount on future products will be!

how to earn your ? Points
Buy a Product 5 points
Upload a video 3 points
Download the mobile app 3 points
Get a friend to register for a new account 3 points (each friend)
Connect WMS and Facebook 2 points
Connect WMS and Twitter 2 points
Get a friend to sign up for mobile app 2 points (each friend)
Create an Account 1 point
Upload an image 1 point
Join a Charity 1 point
Vote in a Contest 1 point
Sign Up for our Newsletter 1 point
Refer a Charity 1 point

Point Total Reward
10 or more points 5% off coupon
30 or more points 10% off coupon
60 or more points 20% off coupon
100 or more points 30% off coupon
150 or more points 40% off coupon

After you reach the 150 point mark, your prizes start over while your ? total continues to grow. For instance, a person that reaches 160 total ? points will get a 5% off coupon (150 + 10 new points = 160.)

* A rewards coupon code will be sent to you via email each time you reach a point total goal for use with your next purchase online.