How it Works

Wears My Shirt (WMS) is a revolutionary concept in giving.  We have a unique approach to charity partnerships, reaching far beyond typical fundraising events or products. Through comprehensive integration of traditional PSA’s, viral videos, retail and online sales, PLUS social networking, WMS creates high quality T-shirts consumers want to wear. And we make it easy and fun for them to get involved and stay involved with the support of their charity of choice.  (not only with T-shirts, but a wide array of quality merchandise).

Each T-shirt or product sold via WMS has a special code, so once the customer has purchased and received the product, they simply log-on to the WMS website and register. Once registered, they’re instantly part of their chosen charity’s “forum” and in many cases they are also entered into an online contest.  Forums serve as a meeting place for customers and stakeholders to share stories, photos, videos, news and other information about the cause or charity. A great way to share and pass on information between the consumer and/or charity partners, these forums combine the familiar and user-friendly look of a social networking site with the vibrant energy of a special event.

The contests are fun, easy ways to take giving to another level by providing the online ‘forum’ community with ‘final say’ on who wins. In addition, contests generate large-scale participation by a demographic that isn’t often afforded the time or money to get involved in supporting the charities or causes they care about.

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