mission statement

From it's inception WMS has been passionate about helping others in need and fostering a spirit of giving, sharing, creativity and sincere dialogue to make the world a better place for all of us. We intend to inspire.

We are dedicated to giving charities, foundations and causes a larger audience, higher profile and greater fundraising abilities through the creation and distribution of superbly designed, high quality T-shirts and engaging PSA campaigns that encourage participation, dialogue, and activism through it’s social media community.

Wears My Shirt is here to provide an exciting alternative to traditional fundraising.

the birth of a revolution

Our Story VideoJosh Unruh , our president and founder, created Wears My Shirt from humble beginnings. The idea grew out of three things; A fascination with a toy that encouraged people to visit an online world for additional content and community, deep thoughts about t-shirts and a passion for charity.

One day, while sick in bed, he and his daughter were checking out a new toy that encouraged kids to visit a website to enter details about their toys, read additional content, and participate in an online community.

Intrigued, Josh considered how he could take his own experience of working in retail sporting apparel and sporting equipment, and create a business that would fuse an online community with what he knew and cared about most; T-shirts and charity.

Josh thought more about it. T-shirts are used to promote everything! They're frequently given away to promote events, such as road races, charity walks, credit card giveaways and more. But what happens when you just accumulate too many? Wash the car with them? Donate them? Turn them into a craft project?

With a little help from a few friends, Josh began leading the journey to create a business based on a pretty simple idea; Create really cool T shirts that raise funds and awareness while simultaneously encourage and promote online community dialogues. The charities and causes would be gaining more than just some much needed funding, they would be gaining a broader online presence and a much larger audience of fans and advocates.

Today, Josh and his friends have successfully merged three of his passions: T-shirts, community, and charity. That’s how Wears My Shirt was born. And we’re just getting started!