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Wears My Shirt and The Harold Pump Foundation have teamed up to create t-shirts to help the foundation continue to raise funds and awareness for cancer research.  By purchasing and wearing these shirts you will be providing additional monetary support to the foundation and you will be honoring those who have been affected by this horrible disease.  

The Harold Pump Foundation, founded by Harold’s sons Dana and David, along with his wife Carole, was established in 1999 when Harold lost his fight with cancer. The Harold Pump Foundation seeks to raise funds to combat cancer by creating awareness, establishing treatment programs, and helping to find a cure for this terrible disease.  As of 2011, The Harold Pump Foundation has raised over 4.6 million dollars, including 4.2 million to Northridge hospital, to support the fight against cancer.

The annual Harold Pump Foundation Golf Tournament & Celebrity Dinner celebrates Harold’s love of family and sports. Honoring his memory, this event raises money for the fight against cancer. The Harold Pump Foundation Golf Tournament & Celebrity Dinner are the focal points of the Foundation's fundraising. Dana and David Pump draw on their extensive network of sports and entertainment personalities in order to deliver as star-studded an audience as can be found at a Los Angeles charity event.

The Harold Pump Foundation annually presents a Lifetime Achievement Award to a sports celebrity who has exhibited excellence both on and off of the field of play. Last year's Harold Pump Foundation Golf Tournament and Celebrity Dinner attracted over 1,400 participants, raising in excess of $1,000,000 for cancer treatment and prevention.



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