Since 1997 the International Child Art Foundation has served as the leading art and creativity organization for American children and their international counterparts.

The problems we face today cry out for creative solutions. A Creativity Revolution can draw upon our collective imagination to offer the brightest hope for individual prosperity, healthy communities, and innovative solutions to global challenges.

But creativity is in short supply and must be nurtured in our children. The scientific evidence on the "4th grade slump" by E. Paul Torrance, Father of Creativity, points to the need for creative education. The arts are an effective vehicle to foster creative thinking and develop empathy for a peaceful and prosperous future.

Did you know that about 22 percent of the U.S. population (and 27 percent of the world's) are children, 15-year-old or younger? They carry the potential to reshape the future. Our fifteen years of experience working with children in Washington and worldwide affirms that America will win the 21st century when the world’s children are with us.

The Creativity Revolution will reignite American ingenuity. Spearheading the global children’s creativity revolution will reaffirm U.S. global leadership this century and beyond.


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