Susan G. Komen T-Shirt Contest


1. Think of the coolest Komen shirt idea.

Take some time to come up with the best original idea you can think of. We're not talking about a photo of your new puppy or something that you’ve seen already. We're talking an idea so amazing that every high school and middle school student across the state needs to have your t-shirt design!


2. Use the provided artwork to create your shirt art.

Download the Komen Ribbon art

Download a shirt template

Be sure to follow these guidelines


3. Upload your shirt artwork and start the buzz online.

Once you have perfected your stunning masterpiece the action really begins.  Upload your artwork to the Komen Contest by clicking on the “Upload a Picture” button above.  Once your art is uploaded, get as many of your friends and family to “like” your submission.  Use the Wears My Shirt site to invite as many people to vote for your artwork. Connecting with Facebook allows you to reach an even larger audience!


4. When you become the next Picasso with your design...

If your shirt collects the most “likes” by June 15, 2012 we will use your masterpiece to create the shirts, and other pink products, that will be worn by every participating Oregon High School during “Pink Week.”  But that’s not all, winners will also receive:

• A custom Komen set of headphones

• Free shirts for 10 of their friends

• A special video segment on our site


Contest entries will be accepted April 15, 2012 through June 15, 2012