We Are United Info

1) Make sure your school is "IN"

Contact Wears My Shirt at 1-800-364-5715 or team@wearsmyshirt.com for more information on how to be a part of this great campaign!

2) Sales Contest - September 9th through September 25th

Pre-selling for the WE ARE UNITED product will take place online and at your school with order forms September 9th-25th. 

There will be a school liason at each school who will compile the hard copy order forms or you can purchase online and select your school affiliation from the drop down menu at checkout.  

Each school liason will need to send in the total of all their hard copy orders by no later than Sept. 25th, 2013.  Orders need to be e-mailed to team@wearsmyshirt.com so we can compile your orders, create the prouct and get everything back to you, along with those orders placed online. School liasons must keep proper accounting of who ordered what and collect on all purchases. 

Wears My Shirt will invoice each school for the lump sum of their in-school, hard copy orders.  Online orders will be handled separately with each individual handling their own payment directly.  

PRIZES: Be the top school to raise the most funds for Komen through the sale of Wears My Shirt Limited Edition WE ARE UNITED products and your school will receive 5 sets of MONSTER Headphones (combined retail of over $1,100) as well as two tickets to the Portland Trail Blazers opening night vs. the San Antonio Spurs on Nov. 2nd. 


Additional Information