Let us help you find the perfect items to fit your project!

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With our robust list of manufacturers and name brands from around the world we have been able to offer exceptional pricing on all garment orders. Imagine walking into a store with any product. You have just come to that place! 



You name it, we can do it! Garments are just the tip of the iceberg. Packaging, journals, hats, mugs, bags, signage, pens, pop-sockets, socks and more! We have worked in the garment industry for 15 years and know how to create something awesome for your company.

Have an idea? Try us. We can find it or have it made ourselves!

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Want to dive deeper into the garment industry or looking to start your own brand? Doesn't matter what stage of the design process you are in! Our team can help you source fabrics and trims, create patterns and tech packs, and have your products made locally or offshore.